My name is Ariana and I am the founder of Spirited Away massage. 

I have been practising massage since 2010. ​

After years of hands-on techniques, I have met amazing people of Pure massage. They taught me a lot and completely changed my attitude to touch therapy. I learned again to love myself so I could give the best possible treatments to my clients.

Why I chose massage?

I think a massage chose me. I am the eldest of six and always been that person who soothe my mothers back and shoulders when she was tired. When receiving my bachelor in Marketing I realized that this is not my path. I wanted more. So I did a course in Swedish massage and since then I never looked back.

I am very passionate about animal rights, I have been vegan for 7 years and vegetarian for 13. 

I am a doula and womb and fertility massage therapist. Over the years I realized I want to work with women. It became a huge passion and mission to help them at any stage of their life. (trying to conceive, miscarriage, abortion,  pregnancy, postpartum, menopause).

I am so passionate about what I do. My approach to everyone is unique and only for that person. I work intuitively. And tailor your treatment only for you. I almost never repeat myself because I believe we all constantly changing. 

I believe that touch:

  • heals your body

  • brings a balance to your mind.

  • motivates you to care about yourself more.

  • puts you to the present moment.

  • and of cause brightens your day.






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